Daily Quote:   Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.- Aristotle 
   Word of the Day:   stamina- enduring strength and energy 
   Idiom of the Day:   Pay off old scores- Take revenge 
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Macbeth Act II (Date Assigned: 11/23/2020)
Macbeth Circles and an End to an Act! (Date Assigned: 11/18/2020)
Macbeth Circles (Date Assigned: 11/16/2020)
We Heart Shakespeare (Date Assigned: 11/13/2020)
The Lit Circle of Shakespeare (Date Assigned: 11/09/2020)
Ketchup Days (Date Assigned: 11/02/2020)
Short Story Elements Test (Date Assigned: 10/30/2020)
Final Day Yellow Wallpaper Essay (Date Assigned: 10/21/2020)
The Reviews are In! (Date Assigned: 10/21/2020)
Yellow Wallpaper Essay (Date Assigned: 10/19/2020)
How Do Your Write a Persuasive Essay? (Date Assigned: 10/16/2020)
New Waterford and an Essay (Date Assigned: 10/14/2020)
Yellow Wallpaper on a Boat (Date Assigned: 10/07/2020)
Boating (Date Assigned: 10/05/2020)
Symbols and Veldts (Date Assigned: 10/02/2020)
The Devil of the Hills (Date Assigned: 09/30/2020)
Barney and the Hills (Date Assigned: 09/28/2020)
On the Veldt (Date Assigned: 09/21/2020)
Just a Poe Boy (Date Assigned: 09/16/2020)
Annotations (Date Assigned: 09/14/2020)
Neti-Annotes (Date Assigned: 09/11/2020)
A New Year (Date Assigned: 09/09/2020)
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