Daily Quote:   Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.- Aristotle 
   Word of the Day:   stamina- enduring strength and energy 
   Idiom of the Day:   Pay off old scores- Take revenge 
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Time Enough for Poetry (Date Assigned: 11/20/2020)
Progressive Plot Lit Circle Voices (Date Assigned: 11/18/2020)
Inner Lit Voice (Date Assigned: 11/16/2020)
Lit and Poet! (Date Assigned: 11/10/2020)
Poetry Alive! (Date Assigned: 11/06/2020)
Catsup Days! (Date Assigned: 11/02/2020)
The Monster (Date Assigned: 10/29/2020)
Short Story Element Review (Date Assigned: 10/23/2020)
Mythic Tales V (Date Assigned: 10/21/2020)
Mythic Tales IV (Date Assigned: 10/19/2020)
Mythic Tales III (Date Assigned: 10/13/2020)
Mythic Tales II (Date Assigned: 10/09/2020)
Mythic Tales I (Date Assigned: 10/07/2020)
Audio Fiends (Date Assigned: 10/05/2020)
Aladdin (Date Assigned: 10/01/2020)
True (Date Assigned: 09/29/2020)
The Hero (Date Assigned: 09/24/2020)
My Hans (Date Assigned: 09/22/2020)
From the Cinders (Date Assigned: 09/18/2020)
Favourite Rhymes (Date Assigned: 09/16/2020)
A-Note-Tations! (Date Assigned: 09/14/2020)
Short Stories and Monsters (Date Assigned: 09/10/2020)
First Class (Date Assigned: 09/08/2020)
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