Phil Morris~ Celestial Lawyer

Released: October 30, 2007
AD-Ratings PG-13
Show Picure
Darker Musings is an anthology series of fantastical mystery and terror. Inspired by Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, Darker Musings always includes an air of another world that may be an alternate universe, or a terrifying nightmare, one in which the characters can not wake up. Darker Musings may not always be horror, but it should always leave you thinking!
Phil Morris~ Celestial Lawyer is a tale about a damned lawyer in Hell given a temporary reprieve to serve in the Celestial Courts on cases regarding Higher powers. Time served is his goal. Good behavior is definitely noted.
Starring: Jake Willett, Laura Burke, Leela Shaw, David Chambers and Jack Ward.
Production: Written and Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: David Judge
Music: Sharon Bee
Length: 26:39