August 23, 2015 is now going through its final BETA adjustments. What is bookcraft.orgyou ask? Imagine you are an author who has finished your manuscript but you do not have an editor to make your book publishable. Imagine you have your novel publishable, but you lack eye-catching graphic cover art. Imagine you have your cover completed, but you do not know how to format your work into an e-book. Imagine that you have your e-book but no way to market it. Imagine that your successful e-book needs an audio narrator. Imagine that rough edited audio book needs to be expertly mastered by a recording engineer. Imagine that you could find thousands of new readers by creating your own video trailer. Imagine you could get legal advice on how to best take your best selling e-book and place it in brick and mortar stores. In short, Bookcraft.orgis designed to be a place where those with the skills of book production meet with writers in one place to produce incredible new published stories. So where do you go to create a free account and a free ad for your services? Bookcraft.or