The Retcon of Biff Straker

September 11, 2015

After sitting in the imagi-tank (yes that's a real thing) in EVP, the hero of the heavens, captain of the cosmos, saviour of the Spaceways, Biff Straker is ON THE AIR. Biff was finally granted his time to shine in the spotlight and has begun his continuous series "Spaceways" with YEAR ZERO- representing his first entry into the 31st century. Along with Commander Angela Degan, Professor Ildeen Thermopoli, and a whole flotilla of supporting characters and dastardly villains, Biff flies to bring justice and order in the ramshackle future of the Soliterra System. What grand adventures lie ahead? Listen to the story as it unfolds every second Friday of the month on the Sonic Society feed as SPACEWAYS takes to sky and AIM FOR THE STARS!