John Bell

January 23, 2021
Actor Picure
Often described as the Mel Blanc of Modern Audio Theatre, John Bell is an incredibly talented writer, producer, editor, and actor. His award winning, fabulously popular "Bells in the Batfry" podcast remains as a shining star of inventive, improvisational audio drama. Mr. Bell has appeared many times in EVP. He has appeared in various roles from The Dead Line's "I'm Home" and "Coach #6" to Darker Musing's "One by One", and the Wavefront's "Galaxy Master versus the Varn" and "Borrowed Time". Whether it's as a guest voice in "Alone in the Night" or as The Blue Defender, Mr. Bell's endless inventiveness makes him one of EVP's most requested performer.
Roles in EVP: Consortium Comics; Darker Musings; Dead Line Shorts; OTR Recreations; WaveFront