Jack J. Ward

January 23, 2021
Actor Picure
Writing: Jack's chief contributions to EVP has beein his writing. 99% of all productions, series, specials, and podcasts have been written by him. Jack's work as a writer of audio drama began a quarter of a century ago with his first plays "Graves' Shift" and "Spaceways- Starring Biff Straker". After 12 years of regular writing including professional scripts for Colonial Radio Theatre and small pieces for Radio Repertory Company of America and three award winning scripts, it's grand that Jack is returning to reworking his first two scripts again into full series for the 2015/2016 seasons. Acting: As the founder of Shadowlands Troop, Jack has been in and out of many productions of EVP. Though he prefers to play smaller character roles, he does have a main reoccuring role as "Any Man" in Consortium Comics and "Biff Straker" in Spaceways, as well as work in "Muse of Madness" for the Darker Musings Anthology and several episodes in both the Deadline Anthologies and the Wavefront Anthologies including the award winning "Alone in the Night" His acting goes back to grade school where he played numerous shepherds in Christmas Concerts (all the best roles went to women who got to play Mary or any of the Angels). His first starring role was in grade one where he played The Gingerbreadman and got to say after he was cooked: "I'm done! Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbreadman." This stellar performance was followed up by the role of a King in a Grade 2 play, and for his titular performance as the lead in a Grade 6 school Christmas play where he played a Newspaper boy who had to take care of his younger sister. From there he was the lead in grade eight with "The Perils of Priscilla" a sparkling pioneer melodrama where he played the white hatted "Harlowe Starbuck" a cowboy who couldn't read. From there he played bit parts of "The Pick Pocket" and "Waiter #2" in Centre Welling District High School's rendition of Guys and Dolls. In CWDHS he had other character roles in A Christmas Carol where he played Belle's love, and in Tom Jones where he played the villainous Captain Northernton and the fop Captain Blifil. He also performed a scene from Golden Boy to great acclaim, as well as several other plays including Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii, Booze, Lament for Maya, and Dracula and other Stories culminating in his grade 13th year winning the Actor of the Year Award for his school. In university, Jack focused more on literary pursuits but auditioned and won the romantic lead role of Cliff Bradshaw in the musical Cabaret. Later he played Lloyd Dallas in Noises Off and the only other run of Gregg Taylor's classic stage play Black Jack Justice for the Halifax Fringe Festival. Since his love affair of audio drama, Jack's stage roles have been limited to various live radio drama productions of A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life as the announcer for Lions Den Theatre. Perhaps some of his more popular roles have been through other audio companies as he plays several roles in Broken Sea's Planet of the Apes including Milo, Battlestar Galactica as Apollo, and 2109 Black Sun Rising, Gaia's Voyages, Jake Sampson as various roles including Adolf Hitler, and as the son of Martin Brody in the sequel to Jaws- Amity Dark Waters and the continual comrade of David Lee Roth as Professor Peter P. Picklepepper" in Zombie Astronaut's Frequency of Fear. Redcap in City of Brambles, Draco Malfoy in the parody My Immortal from Lightning Bolt Theatre of the Mind, a patient in Campfire Radio Theatre's The Dentist. Silverstein in Karpen, Joel in Pinup Murder Mystery, and the boss in This Guy Walks Into a Bar for Pulp-Pourri Theatre. Head Chef for Imagination Lane's H.M.S. Lydia. Various roles for All Better Audio and the 4077th. And most recently the Narrator for Bayside Mansion and Attorney Boise for "8" from LEAP Audio. Producing: Along with writing and acting Jack remains the Executive Director of EVP and producer of the Sonic Society Podcast, the EVP Podcast, Sonic Gold, and dozens of radio dramas including the Deadline, Wavefront, and Darker Musings Anthologies.
Roles in EVP: "Any Man" and the Rapist in "Blue Defender" in Consortium Comics. Angus in "Muse of Madness" and The Man in "Breathing Space" and the Demon from "Phil Morris~Celestial Lawyer" from the Darker Musings Anthology series. John Goodman in "And Low; Thou I Walk"; The Engineer in "Ghosts of the Present"; Commercial Narrator from "Spin; Spin; Spin"; the doctor in "Remote Possibility"; Radio voice in "The Hitchhiker"; thugs in "Gra ves' Shift- Open for Business"; teacher and various roles in "Gate"; various roles in "Completion; and Kitterage for "Right Number; Wrong Party" for the Shadowlands series. Simon in "Firefly Old Wounds" and "Firefly Wedding Day". Jack from "The Jack and Shannon Show". Jonas Hill in "Hill Manors" promo. Man in the train car for "Coach #6"; Butler in "Duel"; Ted in "Faith"; Caller in "The Replacement Show"; Cop in "Rule of Three"; Cop over Speaker in "Lighter"; Cop in "Night Driving"; Jeff in "Time Enough" from the Dead Line Anthology Series. The Voice from "Voices"; Librarian Derrant from "Name Please"; Adrew in "Alone in the Night" (Mark Time Award Winner) from the Wavefront Anthology Series. Chester and the Announcer for "Gunsmoke"; Announcer for "Candy Matson"; Announcer for "My Friend Irma". The Police Man in "The Tell-Tale Heart". Lou in "Who's on First?"; The Man in Black in "Sorry; Wrong Number" and David in "Bringing Up Baby" for the Sonic Summerstock Playhouse series. And of course Biff Straker in "Spaceways Starring Biff Straker"