Breathing Space(2)

Released: February 16, 2017
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
Darker Musings is an anthology series of fantastical mystery and terror. Inspired by Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, Darker Musings always includes an air of another world that may be an alternate universe, or a terrifying nightmare, one in which the characters can not wake up. Darker Musings may not always be horror, but it should always leave you thinking!
Breathing Space is a dramatic fantasy single-performer show written by Jack J. Ward and originated as a stage play. Awakening from darkness, the unnamed protagonist tries to work out how he found himself imprisoned. This particular audio drama adaptation was a part of production group exercise and has the benefits of two different releases from our excellent new producers.
Starring: Jack Ward, Mark Bruzee, Sarah Golding, Chris Jarvis, Pete Lutz, and introducing Wesley Clifford as the Narrator and a voice.
Production: Written by: Jack J. Ward Produced: Peter O'Malley Production Assistance: Richard Summers
Music: Sharon Bee
Length: 46:17