And Low, Thou I Walk (Pride)

Released: September 13, 2005
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
Shadowlands Theatre was the premiere original anthology series from Jack J. Ward. Combining Suspense and Dark Fantasy, this exciting series became the basis for the Deadly Sins Series and other compelling tales of mystery, and horror.
Pride- And Low, Thou I Walk- In the days of the 18th century, society sought out witches. John Goodman has a mission to discern the Devi'ls hand in things. He finds what he seeks.
Starring: Jack Ward, Jeff Brown, Pasha Ebrahimi, Manfred Onward, Elana Zatzman, Nico Lorenzutti, Alicia Polonski, Pamela Herman, Rita Armbruster, David Connellan, Joseph Mauricio, Patrick Dorfman, Jennifer Robbins, Jocelyn White
Production: Written: Jack J. Ward Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: Andrew Dorfman
Music: Sharon Bee
Length: 48:24