The Replacement Show

Released: December 28, 2009
AD-Ratings PG-13
Show Picure
Often compared to Alfred Hitchcock Presents in terms of theme and tone, The Dead Line Anthology Series contains individual suspense/thriller features a half hour long with twists and turns with the spooky narration by an unknown eavesdropper. Don't lose the connection to this call.
The Replacement Show- Christine Maynard runs as a replacement for Norm Kelly's graveshift talk show on New Year's Eve. But the next year may just mean revolution.
Starring: Kristin Slaney, Shiela Newell, Celeste Mazur, Ryan Sadler, Wanda Graham, Kelly Moorehouse, Sheila Morrison, Tanja Milojevic, Kristin Slaney, Chelsey Gibson, Malcolm DeWolffe, Stephanie Brown, Hilary Titley and Jack Ward.
Production: Written and Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: Jack J. Ward and Joshua Price
Music: Sharon Bee (with special thanks to the St. Pat's Jazz Choir) and Norm Kelly Jingle written by Jack J. Ward and Sharon Bee.
Length: 24:14