Ghosts of the Present (Greed)

Released: April 11, 2006
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
Shadowlands Theatre was the premiere original anthology series from Jack J. Ward. Combining Suspense and Dark Fantasy, this exciting series became the basis for the Deadly Sins Series and other compelling tales of mystery, and horror.
Greed- Ghosts of the Present- A spacefaring team pop out of jump space into a universe outside of their own. Greed always takes us places we never imagine.
Starring: Sobaz Benjamin, Manfred Onward, Jack Ward, Laura Burke and Jeff Brown.
Production: Written: Jack J. Ward and Andrew Dorfman Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: Andrew Dorfman
Music: Sharon Bee, Shadowlands Theme by Christopher Moreno
Length: 44:29