Year Zero- 5- The Man Called Methuselah

Released: December 4, 2015
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
SPACEWAYS Starring Biff Straker! When Stephen "Biff" Straker takes part in a secret experiment to prove Einstein's theory of relative time, he is thrown past the 1990's into the 31st century! Pulp action and adventure in the classic adventuring tradition of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Dan Dare- Biff Straker, the hero of the heavens, the crusader of the cosmos is on the air! Listen to Year Zeroas Biff protects Nova Command and the entire Soliterra System from all aggressors. Episodes begin September 10th and continue bi-weekly until April. AIM FOR THE STARS!
Episode 5- The Man Called Methuselah- Biff and Captain Bara of the Rat Men fight over the Pool of Death and our heroes finally escape only to discover an incredible island in the clouds, ruled by the man called Methuselah!
Starring: Mark Bruzee, Tanja Milojevic, Colleen MacIsaac, David Ault and Jack Ward is Biff Straker with guest stars, Glenn Hascall, Elie Hirschman, Bob Teague, Jim Adams, Antonia Manette, and John Bell.
Production: Written and Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: Richard Summers
Music: Sharon Bee
Length: 14:59