Completion (Envy)

Released: April 23, 2006
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
Shadowlands Theatre was the premiere original anthology series from Jack J. Ward. Combining Suspense and Dark Fantasy, this exciting series became the basis for the Deadly Sins Series and other compelling tales of mystery, and horror.
Envy- Completion- The world spins outside of our control, changing when least we expect it. One woman can't understand why every time she gets a handle of her life, things spin out of control. BONUS TRACK: Discussion of Radio Drama at the end about 11 a discussion with David Rimmington from CKDU FM in Halifax.
Starring: Sarah Steeves, Bob Munson, Ryan Horne, Bea Campbell, Joceyln White, Robin Smith, Manfred Onward, Hazel Walling, Jack Ward
Production: Written and Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: Andrew Dorfman
Music: Sharon Bee, Shadowlands Theme by Christopher Moreno
Length: 1:05:02