Blue Defender #1- Rebirth

Released: September 1, 2009
AD-Ratings PG
Show Picure
Consortium Comics is a collective series of super hero shorts by Jack J. Ward and other guest writers designed to define a new superhero universe. With the hope that new authors will give scriptwriting a try, Jack Ward issued a challenge in 2006 asking for anyone who wanted to have their own show produced. The offer is still open. However, it may take a while. Sit back and enjoy these fun stories of heroes and villains and supers!
Blue Defender- Episode 1- Rebirth An elderly man has a second chance at making the past right with a magical suit, and the power of the Blue Defender!
Starring: Julia Rosborough, Dick Sircum, Matt Gale, Ken MacAlpine, Jack Ward, John Bell is the Blue Defender
Production: Written and Directed: Jack J. Ward Produced: John Bell
Music: Sharon Bee
Length: 13:53