December 2019Calendar IconDecember 2019
2 Monday
Sonic Society Season 10- #431- Rude Radio
Gerry in the Dark Passage
The Table Round #6- Badon Hill
Monday 9
The Table Round #7- Tales of Knight Errantry
3 Tuesday
Whispers from Hell
Blood Noir #33: The Stray/Mimi
Daniel Dread #1 - The Exterminators
Tuesday 10
Daniel Dread #2 -Tiki Baby
4 Wednesday
Far Horizons 203– Visitors From Home
Victoria! Empress of the Universe #1: Murder in Space, Most Foul
The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi #5- Hidden Treasure
Wednesday 11
The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi #6- Cairo The (Sometimes) Floating Dog
5 Thursday
Black Jack Justice #40- The Albatross
Harry Strange #307: The Witch Slayer Part 1
This Thing of Ours – Episode 1 – New York City, 1977
Thursday 12
Black Jack Justice #41- Man's Best Friend
6 Friday
Bell's in the Batfry #45
Murder on Santa Claus Lane
Rude Alchemy- Carver Cranebottom: Bone Detective
Friday 13
Bell's in the Batfry #8
A Christmas Cornucopia
7 Saturday
Red Panda #40- The Gathering Storm
The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd #304
Little Gou and the Tea Master
Saturday 14
8 Sunday
Sonic Society #623- Lights On the Crown
The Commons: Previously On 107 and Operation Maple Syrup #3
Sunday 15