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PMR <> on 06/15/2017

Greetings Listers


            A letter from the East India Company many years ago indicates
that Thomas Brown DANIEL (a native of Sussex) was, in 1825, Third Mate on
the "Marquis Camden". He was 23 at the time.


            In 1828 he became Master of the Coronet for its voyage to Port
Jackson in New South Wales, carrying supplies to the infant colony. I've
been able to track his voyages since then in the Log of Logs by Ian
Nicholson, and found an account in Sydney newspapers of his drowning off
Cape Horn in 1836.


            I'm trying to put Tom's story together (he was my ggf's eldest
brother and was drowned as a young man), and am wondering about his life at


            At what age would he have begun his time in the Merchant Navy,
and what steps would he have had to take before eventually become


            Many thanks



            Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia


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