[TSL] John Gough, Benjamin and Thomas BRICK
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I am hoping someone can help me and point me in the right direction to look.   

I have been trying without any success to find when the three above brothers emigrated to Canada at different times.   All these brothers were born in Upton on Severn in Worcestershire.

John Gough Brick, the eldest brother was born in 1936.   He married Emma Newson Emma was born 1842 and their son John Brick was born in Herefordshire in 1863 and John and Emma emigrated to Canada sometime around 1865 (without son John).   John became a Reverend, but I am not sure whether that was in England or in Canada.    

Benjamin Brick was born in 1845 and he married Anna Marie Ingleson.  Anna was born in 1845 in Yorkshire.    I am not sure when they married or emigrated, but their eldest child was born in Toronto in January 1870.   so if they were about 20 when they married it would have been between 1865 and 1869.   Benjamin was a bricklayer builder.

The Youngest brother to emigrate was Thomas Brick born  1856.   He married Elizabeth Newbold  1876 and emigrated sometime between the birth of his second child in Yorkshire in 1881 and the birth of his third child in Toronto in 1884.

If anyone is able to help I would be grateful.


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