[TSL] Liverpool UK - Quebec Canada - 12 Sept. 1911
Barbara Brown <> on 11/03/2012

   Hello  -  I am trying to establish the name of the ship my aunt Lilian
   Elizabeth Green sailed on. I know she arrived in Canada aged 22.  I cannot
   find the name of the ship. I have also established that she arrived back in
   Quebec aged 36 in 1924 on the ship Montcalm. She then went on to enter the
   US on a border crossing on July 27th 1924. I have then established that she
   returned to Detroit from the UK on 5th October 1940 aged 52 years 4months
   and that she had married at some time and was now known as Lilian Elizabeth
   Pooley (nee Green). In June 1946 I have again found her re-entering the US
   from the UK now shown as a widow on 23rd June 1946.
   Is it possible to establish the name of the ship she originally travelled on
   from Liverpool in September 1911?
   Is it possible when she married either in Canada or the US?
   Her date of birth is 22nd May 1988 in Caston Norfolk UK and she died 30th
   May 1976 in Watton Green Norfolk UK.
   Any advice or information you can give me would be gratefully appreciated.
   Regards Barbara Brown


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