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This may be of interest. I noted this on another shipping forum of which 
I am a member


I am writing to you because, after a year of hard work, the Lloyd’s 
Register Foundation Heritage and Education Centre team are excited to 
finally be launching our new website! We are making accessible over 250 
years of maritime history from our unique archive and collections.

Since its formation in 1760, Lloyd’s Register has applied its expertise 
across the marine, energy and transportation sectors, helping to make 
the world a safer place. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Heritage and 
Education Centre, therefore, houses one of the most important and 
exceptional archives, with material concerning 258 years of marine and 
engineering history and science.

You can access our new website here,

The new Heritage and Education Centre website includes fresh content 
that can be accessed, viewed and downloaded all for free. Many of the 
documents available have never been seen before and will be an 
invaluable tool for historians, engineers, genealogists, researchers, 
archaeologists, maritime enthusiasts and everyone in-between! The 
documents can also be used as an educational tool for museums and 
heritage sites or to help inform new exhibitions, curatorial projects 
and other archival ventures. The content that has been made available 

• Digitised documents from the Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection- 
the launch of the website coincides with Project Undaunted, an ambitious 
plan to digitise 1.25 million documents in our collection, making unique 
ship plans and survey reports covering over 200 years of history freely 
available for public use. We have already digitised 10 per cent of this, 
focusing on our First and Famous ships which have been published with 
the new website. Our First and Famous ships include Cutty Sark, Bakuin 
and Mauretania.
• Online access to the Casualty Returns (1890-2000) and the World Fleet 
Statistics (1878-2000).
• An updated, fully-searchable Library Catalogue, complete with shelf 
location and descriptions. Over 59,000 books, journals and articles are 
• Brand new and updated blog posts – from the First World War to the 
Ship that saved Vancouver, we have blogs covering a plethora of topics 
from our archives! We will also have expert guest blogs from researchers 
and institutions we have collaborated with.
• Overhauled enquiry forms, FAQs and contact us pages – you will be able 
to contact the Heritage and Education Centre team with your research 
enquiries and get expert help!
• A new Events page, allowing users to browse and register for HEC 
events –we will be launching more events than ever before that will look 
to open access to our collections and engage with our history!
The launch of our new website, marks the beginning of an exciting time 
in Heritage and Education Centre, as we seek to advance the public 
understanding of maritime history and the public education of marine and 
engineering science and history.

Please share the link to our new website amongst colleagues, friends, 
students or anyone else you think might be interested!

If you have any questions or would like more information on the website, 
collection, the Heritage and Education Centre or if you would like to 
use our material and work with us, please contact or


Ron Mapplebeck (UK)

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