[TSL] Greek immigrant ca. 1878
"David E. Cann" <> on 11/30/2012

This is a pure long shot, but I am now trying here for some help or guidance
in finding my great-grandfather, who migrated initially to the USA in 1878
according to his 1900 federal census record.  Following is his basic
information on him, then a few pertinent comments:

Name:  Nicholas Iovanoy Stametiethis
Alt. Name:  John Nicholas
Born:  Sep 1857 reportedly in Patrai, Achacha, Greece

He reportedly was a barber by trade, and to my knowledge his alternate name
did not become John Nicholas until AFTER arrival in the USA, so the name did
not change until later.  I cannot guarantee the name is spelled correctly
though, because it was given to me by my uncle who admitted that he was not
sure of the spelling.  Therefore, that fact has been a major factor in why
I've not been able to locate him in any ship's manifests after several
searches.  His wife was a Swedish immigrant, and I had no difficulty finding
her.  Also, his date of arrival (1878) is off of his 1900 census record in
King County, Washington but given the poor credibility of some census
details, I cannot guarantee that year is correct.

And lastly, I have always assumed he arrived at the east coast of the U. S.,
most likely New York City, but I cannot be certain.  Now, after recently
discovering they were married in Seattle, I am wondering if he might have
arrived there.  They did not arrive together though, and she did arrive in
New York, but I can only guess about him.

Is this "Mission Impossible?"  Is it remotely possible to find his arrival
ship and manifest with such vague details to go on?  I would really
appreciate hearing from anyone out there who can offer any suggestions or
guidance.  I have been looking for this "ultimate needle in a haystack" more
than 20 years now, and badly need some direction.

David E. Cann
or "david.e.cann" on Skype


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