[TSL] Tripoli - 1867 on 03/18/2013


Several years ago I inquired about the Tripoli on this list and got a 
considerable amount of valuable information.  My ancestor, Samuel 
Rawlins, came to the US from on this ship in early April of 1867.  At 
the time, a lister told me that the ship was delayed in Liverpool for a 
couple of weeks before passage.
Now, I have learned that hundreds of people were fleeing Ireland from 
Cork and Dublin after the Fenian Insurrection that occurred in Cork 
during the first week of March of that year.

My question is whether the ship might have been held so that the 
passengers could have been checked by the English govt.?  Originally, 
we thought it might have been bad weather.  In light of the political 
situation, I have to wonder?


Bev W

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