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Hi Mariners and those rellies who  are looking for their Family who were Mariners. I have been looking for more information about G/D 3rd Engineer Thomas Edward Lunt, S.S.Sagamore from the day she was torpedoed 3rd March 1917. From Boston Mass. U.S.A., bound for Liverpool, with Cargo of General goods and a fair bit of Artillery Ammunition, For the Western Front. The U-49 caught her 150 miles due west of Fasnet Rock. I think you will know most of the story by now. The S.S.Deucalion (Blue Funnel) was out of Liverpool and bound for Japan and China. One of the crew, spotted one lifeboat with 7 survivors, one of them being my G/D. All 7 were rescued and suffering from Frostbite and Gangrene. The 10 remaining men were frozen solid in the bottom of the lifeboat.???? The date was 12th March 1917. Fortunately there was a doctor on board the Deucalion. and he would have certainly given them a fairly good chance of survival. I had, had a real problem of when they would arrive in Cape Town and got quite a shock from the Deucalion Log Book. She diverted to Cape Town to land the 7 survivors. It was the 6th April 1917 when they  disembarked. And were handed over to the Mercantile Marine Office and Hospitalized. I really believe that they must have drifted a hell of a long way in those 9 days of being adrift in the Atlantic. The Deucalion gives no location details of where they where to pick up the survivors. The time to reach Cape Town I am sure meant the Deucalion must have picked them up in the South Atlantic with her heading for Japan and China. The Deucalion sailed with in 24 hours of her arrival in Cape Town  I am in touch with 6 people who had relations on the Sagamore. One of them had his G/D on board the Sagamore and he lost both his legs. he was the 3rd Mate.J. Thorkilson. Caird Library sent me an email that there are some cuttings etc and hoping maybe a photo of my G/d as we have no photos of him at all. If anyone could have a look see for me it would be appreciated. Caird did give me a list of researchers but it is the Bread and Butter work for them and is a bit expensive for me at the moment. I do have two sisters in the Pool one is 10 years younger and the other 20 years younger and I am just in to my 80’s. But it is a bit far for them and they never knew Lunty as all my aunts and uncles had lived with My Mum, Dad, Dads Dad Skipper of the Alexander Towing company Tug Bramley Moore.n Alfred Edward Berry.
Lunty had become an Alcoholic and when his wife died in 1935, my nana Alice Rothwell. Any way I have rambled on a bit. Would just like to Thank Billy McGee, Mrs Carmichael, Ted Finch, Paul and a couple of others, think the memory cells are a bit slow. am having a Senior Moment. I did get to know him a bit just before I went to B & W at Renfrew Scotland to finish my Study’s and apprenticeship. I would certainly try to reimburse any expense’s. Thank You for bearing with me Best Regards Ken Berry
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