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Ted Finch <> on 10/23/2012

Is anyone able to help with this query please? Passengers are ouside my 


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Subject: 	Passengerlist s.s.''Winchester Victory''
Date: 	Tue, 23 Oct 2012 00:58:52 +0200
From: 	Abraham Jansen <>
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Dear Mr.Finch,
Excuse me for trying to get in touch with you by this email-request. By 
coincidence I came upon your response to Mr.Chris Woods about the 
s.s.''Winchester Victory''. I was looking for specific information about 
mentioned s.s.''Winchester Victory'',because probable I was a passenger 
on board that ship (together with my mother,two brothers and one sister) 
during a voyage from the Indonesian port of Semarang to the port of 
Tandjung Priok (port of former Batavia,now named Jakarta) leaving 
Semarang on the 13th of December 1945 and arriving at T.Priok on the 
14th of December 1945. I am very eager to know if there stil exist a 
passengerlist of the s.s.''Winchester Victory'',just to check to be sure 
that I and my family were on board that ship at that time. There could 
be a possibility that we were  passengers on board the s.s.''Amherst 
Victory'' that left the port of Semarang on the 18th of December 1945  
and arriving at the port of T.Priok on the 19th of December 1945.
In very short: together with my mother, two brothers and one sister I 
stayed in different concentration-camps on the island of Java (former 
Dutch East Indies) during the years 1942-1946. At the start of the 
Japanese invasion my father was taken prisoner and excecuted (on the 
island of Celebes). On the 19th of January 1946 we boarded m. v. 
/Boissevain/ in the port of Tandjung Priok as Internees. At that time I 
was a 10 year old boy. On board m. v. /''Boissevain/ ''also were taken 
released Allied Prisoners of War. Port of destination was Amsterdam 
(arriving date 16-02-1946).
Hoping you are able to provide me with information regarding existing 
passengerlists of s.s.''Winchester Victory'' and / or s.s.''Amherst 
Victory'',I remain, With kindest regards,
Abraham Jansen (ex marine-engineer)
Zutphen - Holland

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