[TSL] Travel time from Ireland > US, ~1800
Tony Fleming <> on 01/27/2013

I'm trying to confirm or dispel part of our family's emigration tale.
Our emigrant ancestor came from Ireland to the U.S. (New York or
Phila)  in the late 1790-early 1800s. His voyage is said to have taken
"9 weeks, and 9 days"  (which is supposedly a luckier way to say it
than 10 weeks 2 days in Celtic numerology??) and I would like to know
how likely that way.

I would have thought transAtlantic trips would be shorter than that by
1800. Was there a class of ship that took that long, and would it be
possible (long shot I'm sure) to track down any particular ship who's
voyage took that long?

Tony Fleming
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