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Avigayil Simpson via <> on 09/29/2014


I am researching my paternal great grandmother who emigrated to Seattle WA
from Norway in 1911. With the help of, I have collected quite
a few documents relating to her which have given me a lot of insight as to
her and her journey. So far this is what I have found out:

Her name was *Olette Larsen* (this seems to be the correct spelling).

She was born on 27 January 1885 and died September 11, 1974 at age 89.

She sailed from Norway to England (most likely arrived in Hull and took the
train to Liverpool from there; name of ship from Norway to UK still to be
determined as well as date of sailing from Norway) and from England she
left from Liverpool on the ship *SS Megantic* on August 5, 1911. She
arrived in *Quebec, Canada* on September 12, 1911. I have a copy of the
ship's manifest which gives me the following information:

- she was 26 years old at the time
- her occupation is given as "domestic"
- her father's name was *Olaf Larsen* and his city of residence is
given as *Sandefjord,
- her final destination was Seattle, WA

I have a copy of the 1920 census which has her age 33, married to *Charles
Edgar White* with two boys - *Robert Olaf White* and *Melvin Edgar White* (my

I have a copy of the 1930 census which shows her marital status as
"married" but lists her as "head of household" with no husband listed. Just
the two boys who are teens.

In the 1940 census, she is 55 years old, widowed, and living with a cousin
named *Marie Anderson* and HER daughter, *Lillian Anderson* who was 20
years old at the time. Olette's occupation is given as "janitor" which
correlates with what my Dad has been able to tell me about her. He said she
was a janitor and worked at the YMCA in Seattle.

Also in 1940, her husband, *Charles*, is listed as 50 years old (I think
this age is inaccurate tho - he was older than her) and appears in the
census record for King County Jail as a prisoner.

I found two different marriage certificates (scanned originals) for
her. *Olette
Larsen* and *Charles Edgar White* were married in Seattle, WA on June 26th,
1912. He was 32 years old, she was 26. She was single (1st marriage), he
was divorced (2nd marriage) and hailed from New York. His parents' names
are given as *Charles White* and *Hattie Randall*. Her parents' names are
given as *Olaf Larsen* and *Louise Hansen *(my great-great-grandparents!).

Right now, I am trying to determine what date she sailed from Norway, from
which port and the name of the ship. I have gleaned a lot of useful info
from the site This site tells me that records of
transmigrants' entry into the UK were only kept for 3 weeks and then
destroyed! That would explain why I have found no records of her entry to
the UK. So I'm wondering how to go about finding out which port she left
Norway from, on what date and which ship from the Norwegian end of things?
Is there a good site for this kind of research that would be in English?
I've looked pretty thoroughly at this site: but haven't come up with anything.

Since she listed her father's name and place of residence on the Liverpool
ship manifest as being Sandefjord, Norway, and assuming she was living with
him until she left, the city seems to be equidistant from both Kristiansand
and Christiania (old name for Oslo, is this correct?) so I assume she could
have left from either. That's a lot of assuming, though.

Also from the, based on her departure date from the
UK (August 5, 1911), I THINK I've narrowed down the possibilities as to
which ship she may have been on from Norway. I'm guessing she was on the
S.S. Eskimo but have no proof. How would I go about finding the ship's
(that ship or any other that departed Norway) manifest if the UK didn't
keep records for more than 3 weeks? Can this be found on the Norwegian end
of things? Where should I look?

Thanks in advance!
Avigayil Simpson
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