Fares (was) Re: [TSL] Re: TheShipsList-D Digest V03 #106
Sue Swiggum <> on 02/19/2003
At 02:45 PM 2003-02-19 -0500, Edward Jaffee wrote:
>Somewhat akin to a different post in today's digest, does anyone know the
>approximate fare (one way) from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia and from
>Liverpool to Quebec City, Canada, in British currency in 1897?
>Many thanks.


To add to what Marj just wrote about the 1894 fares.  You could then go here

Universal Currency Converter

But it might be more fun to go these sites

Inflation Calculator
Eh.Net How Much is That?

Using the resources of these pages should give you a pretty close estimate.


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