[TSL] Celestial Atlas by G Rubie
"PMR" <> on 08/31/2011

Hello Listers

            In checking the Internet for references to Captain Thomas Brown
DANIEL, my ggf's eldest brother, I came across an indication that he had
made his journals, from his voyage as Master of the Coronet in 1828/29,
available to G Rubie who was compiling a Celestial Atlas.

            Here's the entry:

The British celestial atlas: being a complete guide to the ... - Google
Books Result Rubie - 1830 - Science - 180
... Voyage recently made round the World, in the Ship Coronet, Captain TB
Daniel, of Hastings; who very kindly allowed me to extract it from his
journals. ...

            Does anyone have this book or access to it who could copy the
full extract re Captain TB DANIEL, please?

            A subsequent question - would the journals referred to still be
available somewhere? As Tom DANIEL didn't marry, I'm endeavouring to put his
story together - from his birth in Brighton, Sussex in August 1802, a mere
fortnight after his parents' wedding, to his death at sea in March 1836 off
Cape Horn - he was swept overboard in a storm. He was only 33 years old, but
he packed a lot into those years.

            Many thanks

            Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

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