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Carmel Reynen <> on 01/26/2013

Thank you all, there are some great stories out there. I found the price of
fares in an English Newspaper add, hence my knowledge on that one. The
chest is now in New Zealand and in the family. I was over there a few
months back so was able to see it personally and I do have photos of it.
I also found that one of the ships another ancestor arrived on, caught fire
the day after it arrived in Melbourne. Of course all passengers had
disembarked from the ship the day before. I wonder if my ancestor was even
aware of the fire. Apparently the fire started in the cargo that had built
up heat, had they been a day late arriving in Melbourne this would have
been a tragedy and I may not be here at all.
I love it that I have not got stories handed down but have been able to
piece them together with newspapers and official reports. In the case of
Ben Woodhead on the Petrel, there is a newspaper article on him written a
number of years later which outlines why he came from Adelaide to Victoria,
but not why he left England, I would say he was after a better life as it
seems he was not poor by any means, I think he was taking an opportunity
rather than getting away from an impoverished lifestyle.

On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 8:59 AM, Ainslie <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the reminder about the baby sleeping in the bottom drawer.
> I have a photo in my parent's old photo album which is a picture of myself
> as a baby sitting in the top drawer of one of those big cedar chest of
> drawers.   Just a perfect height for Mum to be able to pick me up without
> having to bend down and lift me from near the floor!
> Cheers
> Ainslie.
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