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 From the London Times of July 14, 1854:

Australian Emigration.--Southampton, Thursday, July 13.--The splendid 
East India ship ellenborough, Captain Thornbill, left the docks this 
afternoon, and will sail on Friday (this day) for Port Newcastle, New 
South Wales, taking out about 370 souls, equal to 330 statute adult 
emigrants, which have been shipped from the Government emigration 
depot in the Southampton Docks. The Ellenborough has also a full 
general cargo for the Australian markets, and a portion of her 
emigrant passengers comprises 50 labourers, who are to be engaged 
upon the construction of the Hunter River Railway. The Ellenborough 
is a noble-looking frigate-built ship of 1,200 tons, and has 
attracted considerable attention while lying alongside the wharf in 
the inner dock. The Anglo-Saxon, Captain J. Chapman, a fine clipper 
ship of 763 tons register, belonging to Mr. Peter Tindall, jun., 
sailed on Tuesday, for Sydney, with 336, equal to 285 statute adults, 
Government emigrants, on board, under charge of Surgeon Grover. This 
ship has been fitted up on a new plan suggested by Mr. Smith, R.N., 
the emigration officer at this port, which for ingenuity and 
simplicity surpasses any kind of fittings for berthing emigrants that 
has yet been seen, and also affords much better ventilation and 
accommodation to the passengers. With the exception of a few from the 
Channel Islands, all the emigrants by the Anglo-Saxon are English. 
The Emigrant, Captain Watson, a very fine Aberdeen ship, sailed on 
Wednesday, for Adelaide, South Australia, conveying 312 souls, equal 
to 255 1/2 statute adults, received from the depot here. They are 
principally English families and are placed under the superintendence 
of surgeon, Spencer. Mr. C.A. Wood, one of Her Majesty's Emigration 
Commissioners, paid a visit to the Ellenborough, Anglo Saxon, and 
Emigrant, before their departure. All these three ships have been 
despatched by Messrs. Dawson and Arroid.  The Emigration 
Commissioners have chartered the ship Agra to leave Southampton about 
the 18th of August, for Geelong.



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>Researching John Jordan I believe arrived from Cambridgeshire 
>England on board Ellenborough to NSW arrived 31/10/1854. I am 
>interested on information on John from the passanger list.
>Matt Jordan
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