[TSL] Name of Port please?
PMR <> on 06/04/2017

Greetings Listers


            I have a transcription of a letter written in 1879 by my ggf who
was at sea in the early 1830s, in which he says (this is a partial
transcription - maybe the transcriber was au fait with these place names):


                        "I was at Monterey? Lower California in 1832 - also
at Ni.?quea and G?.yaquil.


            I've been able to find that Monterey in California was a port,
so maybe that bit of transcription is correct. A Google search turned up
Guayaquil as a port in Ecuador, so maybe that is also correct.


            Does anyone have any idea what place Ni.?quea may refer to


            I want to write ggf's story and would like to be accurate.


            Many thanks



            Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia


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