[TSL] William Gorman
GALE GORMAN <> on 01/21/2013

I'm trying to find when my 2nd great grandfather came over from Ireland.

William Gorman
1. born 29 Sep 1803, Tipperary
2. on 1821 census in Ireland
   *** 9 year window ***
3. on 1830 census in Alabama
4. married 19 May 1832 in Alabama

William had quite a few brother who also came to Alabama but I have no idea if they made the trip together.

The Gorman brothers:
Edmond  - 1801
William - 1803
John    - 1807
Patrick - 1811 may have died early
Michael - 1812
James   - 1814
Peter   - 1816 may have died early
Thomas  - 1817
Henry   - 1819

There was one sister that I know of but don't have any knowledge of her coming to America. Mary was born about 1807.

I would really appreciate any leads I can get to find when they came over.

Thank you,

Gale Gorman
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