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GALE GORMAN <> on 01/04/2013


A lot of emigrants became indentured servants to pay their way.
Gale Gorman

On Jan 4, 2013, at 1:35 PM, "Marilyn L. Arnold" <> wrote:

What would have been the typical cost of passage in 1881 and 1888 for
passage between Hamburg and NY (1881) and potentially Antwerp(?) and NY(?)
(1887) to the US?  I've searched the archives and found info on various
years, but nothing specific.  The 1881 ancestor was in steerage.  (Ernst
Carl Wielke, the S.S.Wieland).  The 1887 ancestor was Wilhelmine Ranz, and
I've not been able to find her emigration records.  (She also went by
Minnie, Minna).

Also, where might I find information as to typical wages in Germany in this
time period (ie a laborer or farmer - how long would he have had to have
worked/saved for passage?)   The 1881 emigrant was a man from Mechlenburg;
the 1887 emigrant was a 27 year old woman from Baden.

Thank you.
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