Patricia Greber <> on 03/16/2013

I have found a death record in Quebec of a Margaret McMahon who I believe to be my relative. After I had someone translate it for me  - 
"The 31 October 1851 we buried in the Cemetery of l"Hopital de la Marine the body of Margaret McMahon who died before yesterday at the said hospital at the age of 46, came from Ireland on board the vessel SYLVANUS Present were Thomas Buckley and Louis Naulin, who did not sign."

>From this record I assume she may have recently arrived in Quebec. Where can I find out more about this ship? Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome!
I did find a brief mention about this ship in the 1850 records on this website
it just mentions that some people complained about the late departure of the ship. I am trying to find out when it sailed in 1851.
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