[TSL] Marriage aboard Liverpool-to-Boston ship 1910 on 01/14/2014

Hello All,

I have an Irish couple who were recorded as married and as having the same
surname on the manifest of the S.S. Zeeland arriving in Boston, from
Liverpool, on 1910 Oct 12.  On 1910 Oct 13, they were married in Boston,
apparently at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which is in the South End,
fairly near the port.  I have the Mass. Record of Marriage. I'm sure the
Zeeland passengers were indeed the Boston bride and groom.

Possibilities that occur to me:
1.  They had not actually married before they reached Boston, but chose to
report being married for the ship record, for their own reasons.
2.  They were married on board ship during the voyage to Boston. (But
wouldn't the manifest have been completed before they departed Liverpool?)
3.  They married in Ireland or England before they departed, but they
wanted also to have an American marriage record.


1.  Were marriages performed on ships bringing Irish immigrants to the US
at that time?

2.  If so, would a marriage be recorded anywhere in the voyage's records? 
(I've done a page-by-page search of the Zeeland manifest but have found no
notation of a marriage.)

3.  Can you think of any other explanation for this situation?

Many thanks.
PJ, in Texas

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