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> What and where can I find material on this one. Picture would be good,

> P List even better, anything will do for start.

The Hamburg ship BEAUSITE, C. J. S. Bruhn, master, arrived at Moreton Bay
22 August 1866, from Hamburg 12 May.  If the Hamburg departure list for
this voyage survives Eric and Rosemary Kopittke will have abstracted it.

The BEAUSITE was built by William Perrine, New York, in 1854, for Charles
Sagory, and was launched as the NUREMBERG (registered New York 12
September 1854).  1086 tons;  180 x 37.5 x 24 feet (length x beam x depth
of hold).  She was intended for the Havre-New Orleans trade;  her name was
meant to appeal to German immigrants.  She sailed in the Havre-New Orleans
trade until at least 1861.  The U.S. Civil War and the danger of
Confederate commerce raiders forced many sailing lines to curtail or cease
operations and to sell unneeded vessels.  On 27 March 1863, the NUREMBERG
was sold at Le Havre by her American owners to the Hamburg shipping firm
of Joh. Ces. Goddefroy & Sohn, who on 4 April 1864 registered her at
Hamburg under the name BEAUSITE.  466 Commerzlasten;  192.3 x 36 x 23.6
Hamburg Fuß (1 Hamburg Fuß = 0.286 meter), length x beam x depth of hold,
"zwischen den Steven".

          1863-1869 - C. J. S. Bruhn
          1870      - F. C. A. Storm

          1863    - Le Havre/Hamburg
          1863/64 - Moreton Bay/Callao
                    [arrived Moreton Bay 5 September 1863, from Hamburg
                    23 May;  passenger list abstracted and published by
                    the  Kopittkes]
          1864/65 - Moreton Bay/Callao
                    [arrived Moreton Bay 6 February 1865, from Hamburg
                    22 October 1864;  for an account of this voyage, see
                    Ziegenfusz/ (all one line, no spaces)]
          1866/67 - Moreton Bay/intermediate ports/Antwerp
                    [arrived Moreton Bay 22 August 1866, from Hamburg 12
          1867/68 - New Orleans/intermediate ports/Callao/Chincha Islands,
          1869/70 - England/intermediate ports/ ...

The BEAUSITE ex NUREMBERG was condemned and sold at Montevideo in 1870.

Sources:  William Armstrong Fairburn, _Merchant Sail_ (Center Lovell,
Maine:  Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, [1945-1955]), V. 2826;
Walter Kresse, ed., _Seeschiffs-Verzeichnis der Hamburger Reedereien, 1824-
1888_, Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, N. F., Bd.
5 (Hamburg:  Museum  für Hamburgische Geschichte, 1969), vol. 1, p. 173.

I have no record of a picture of this vessel as either the NUREMBERG or
the BEAUSITE, but I would recommend that you contact in the first instance
the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
(, and if this institution has
no pictorial representation then contact the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
( in Bremerhaven.

Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
Claremont, California
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