Re: [TSL] Travel time from Ireland > US, ~1800
Susan Swiggum <> on 01/27/2013

Hi Tony,

The voyage could have easily taken that length of time.  Several ships 
sailed from Rotterdam to Halifax in the 1750's and took as little as 45 
days and as long as 83 days .. with many in the 60-70 day range.  Later, 
in the 19th century with more streamlined vessels and rigging, the 
average passage time from the United Kingdom to North America was 
usually about 42 days, however, passage time of fewer than 25 days and 
as long as 80+ days still occurred.   Length of passage in the days of 
sail was totally reliant on the weather and prevailing winds.

You asked about other ships which took so long ... just check some of 
these passage times in 1817

... some took as long as a typical voyage from UK to Australia!   Then, 
ten years later in 1827 with optimal weather conditions

... very fast passages of 18 to 26 days for the first 70+ ships from the 
sea for the year 1827

> Some of them had not an hour's contrary wind from leaving the British 
> port to their anchoring here. 

Hope you find this interesting


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On 1/27/2013 10:41 AM, Tony Fleming wrote:
> I'm trying to confirm or dispel part of our family's emigration tale.
> Our emigrant ancestor came from Ireland to the U.S. (New York or
> Phila)  in the late 1790-early 1800s. His voyage is said to have taken
> "9 weeks, and 9 days"  (which is supposedly a luckier way to say it
> than 10 weeks 2 days in Celtic numerology??) and I would like to know
> how likely that way.
> I would have thought transAtlantic trips would be shorter than that by
> 1800. Was there a class of ship that took that long, and would it be
> possible (long shot I'm sure) to track down any particular ship who's
> voyage took that long?
> Thanks,
> Tony Fleming

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