[TSL] SS Ontario
"Elizabeth Ivison" <> on 05/25/2013

Hello I wonder if any one can help me.My G Grand father James Langton B 1843
in Ireland.
    But lived in Liverpool with wife and two children.  Was on the merchant
vessel SS Ontario of the Mississippi Dominion Line. James was No 96024.
 Previously he had been on the SS Amoa and also SS Rattler, I have no information on any of these ships. (I was told by others) I have tried the to find a crew list but to no avail.He was a second officer. He died of TB aged approx 39  either on the way or way back from Canada on the SS Ontario to Liverpool possible an immigrant ship taking passenger to Canada in 1882. Both his children ended up in the Liverpool Seamen's Orphanage, at the ages of 7 because there mother died in the workhouse in Kirkdale Liverpool in 1887. Any help at all would be most appreciated. Thank you Beth  
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