[TSL] "Hibernia" Lost to fire. Atlantic. 5 February 1833
"Murray Reid" <> on 11/11/2016

This ship of 456 tons under the command of Capt. Brend sailed from Liverpool
in December 1832 bound for Hobart and Sydney, Australia with a complement of

She was lost to fire with the loss of 153. The survivors numbered 79 and
were rescued from three small boats after six days adrift, and taken to Rio
de Janeiro.  They reached Hobart some months later after Government and
public subscription help.

There are many matters that make this loss tragic and intriguing. Firstly
only one person died in the boats. 152 people were left behind. A high
proportion of the crew survived. Only two of 54 children made it into the
boats. A large number of the women were left behind with a high proportion
of these being single. It is understood that up to 30 of the young single
females were orphans who were thought to be mainly Irish and probably from

"Women and children first" seems to have been lost in the rush!

My interest is in Elizabeth Bunker, aged only 15, and probably one of the
Irish orphans. She married in Hobart and became my gt gt grandmother.

I would appreciate help regarding the movements of the ship prior to her
sailing on her last voyage and any information regarding the orphans.
Possibly there were press reports (in Ireland or Liverpool) prior to the
sailing that I have not yet traced.


Murray Reid


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