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Sue Swiggum <> on 03/19/2002
At 06:22 PM 2002-03-19 -0500, Angela Williams wrote:
>I, too, have problems with Ancestry.  If you notice, you cannot contact
them easily on the website.  You have to go through several different
screens to even be able to e-mail them.  Also, I am not able to access the
Images Online- which I have paid for.  I sent them an e-mail (quite a few)
and they have not replied.

Hi Angela,

I wrote to privately to Keith and told him that this subject was off-topic
for TheShipsList, however I was concerned about his experience, and now
yours.  I sought advice and was told this (below) in regard to Keith's

List, please bear in mind that this IS off-topic for TheShipsList, so if
you wish to comment, please write privately to "Angela Williams"
<> or to "Keith Foster"


<<What happens here is that the person signs up for a free trial offer and
Ancestry *does* ask for credit card information when the person signs up for
the trial.  The subscribers are instructed how to cancel before the trial
period is up so that their card won't be charged.  Sometimes if they cancel
too close to the period of time when their card is charged the charge will
appear and they will get a credit later OR in some cases (you can imagine
that this can happen occasionally when there are over 550,000 subscribers!)
there is an error and the cancellation doesn't get processed.

I'm sure they are not attempting to scam anyone--but I also understand it can
be frustrating for the user and might *seem* that way.  Keith should contact
Customer Service--I believe they have a special number or contact address for
International subscribers to contact CS (the regular toll free number doesn't
work for them) and I'm sure the CS folks could instruct him how to get the
error corrected.  If he writes to:  they should be
able to answer his questions.

Keep in mind that this information just comes from what I've heard and
seen--I'm not officially involved with Ancestry.>>
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