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Susan Swiggum <> on 11/28/2012

On 11/28/2012 1:10 AM, Eric Hovren wrote:
> My Query:
> Name Johan (John) Johannesen, age 22 at emigration, birth date 7/7/1843, born in Norway,
> Country/port of entry was Germany/Hamburg and their destination was Canada/Quebec. He settled in
> USA/Minnesota/Otter Tail.  He traveled alone. 
> Looking for ship name, passenger list, exact dates of travel, how he got from Canada to Minnesota, pictures, any info, etc...
> Thank You
> Eric Hovren
Hi Eric,

There were 8 sailing ships from Hamburg to Quebec in 1866

Reel Number    Ship Name    Departure Information    Arrival 
Information    Shipping Line    Special Group(s)    Remarks
C-4521    MAIN    Hamburg, Germany 1866-04-12    Quebec, Que. 
1866-05-18    (FM) Falkenberg & McBlain (agent)        List Number: 7; 
ship, Captain Boll; twelve children died; & three sick from cold & debility

C-4521    GOETHE    Hamburg, Germany 1866-04-20    Quebec, Que. 
1866-06-07    (BL) Beling & Lamotte (agent)        List Number: 34; 
brig, Captain Ahrens; one birth

C-4521    NECKAR    Hamburg, Germany 1866-04-20    Quebec, Que. 
1866-06-09    (FM) Falkenberg & McBlain (agent)        List Number: 40; 
ship, 925 tons, Captain T. Heidorn; twenty-two deaths; nineteen sick; 
Measles & varioloid

C-4521    HIRAM    Hamburg, Germany 1866-04-19    Quebec, Que. 
1866-06-04    "(under Order)"        List Number: 52; ship, 833 tons, 
Captain S. Thomsen; two births; eight children died; two sick from cold 
and debility; ship name misspelled as HYRAM on manifest

C-4521    STAR OF HOPE    Hamburg, Germany 1866-04-13    Quebec, Que. 
1866-06-06    (BL) Beling & Lamotte (agent)        List Number: 56; 
ship, 788 tons, Captain William Talbot; Small-pox; Landed June 1st; one 
old woman and 3 children died of debility; four births

C-4521    WASHINGTON    Hamburg, Germany 1866-05-03    Quebec, Que. 
1866-06-22    (BL) Beling & Lamotte (agent)        List Number: 62; 
bark, 486 tons, Captain C. Peyn; one old woman died of apoplexy

C-4521    FRANKLIN    Hamburg, Germany 1866-05-17    Quebec, Que. 
1866-07-09    (BL) Beling & Lamotte (agent)        List Number: 71; 
bark, 282 tons, Captain Joh. H. Fendt; All well

C-4521    ELVIRA    Hamburg, Germany 1866-06-02    Quebec, Que. 
1866-08-05    (BL) Beling & Lamotte (agent)        List Number: 86; 
brig, Captain Leegaard; one woman died of pneumonia

The passenger lists can be here ...

These same lists are indexed by Ancestry, so if you have a subscription 
it will save you some time.    It sounds like you have found his 
emigration record from Norway, so it it contains a date, then add a few 
days and try the closest Hamburg sailing dates above, first.

Most likely he travelled on to Minnesota by rail.

Good luck,


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