[TSL] Search Just for Ship Arrival Dates Not Passenger List
"Terry Corbet" <> on 05/03/2019

I know that the search I need to perform for a great grandfather will 
not succeed via any of the search facilities for any access to the usual 
New York Arrivals.  I have no alternative but to fetch the pages from 
Ancestry in browse mode, page-by-page, squint-by-squint.  The challenge 
is to find the approximate location in the Ancestry [or alternative] 
sources where the pages of passenger manifests begin for a specific 
arrival port [New York for one line of research, Baltimore for another], 
for the specific vessel, the "SS Barabarossa", departing from the 
specific port of Bremen in March of 1905.  I have that inflection point 
for the arrival of that vessel in New York from that port of departure 
in March of 1904, but the line-by-line search fails, and subsequent 
examination of conflicting Declarations of Intent, strongly suggests 
that one of the statements was wrong with regards to year.

So, I have explained my specific query quandary in what I hope is 
somewhat generic terms so that whatever suggestion you can pass along 
might be helpful for anyone with the same challenge -- getting as close 
as possible to a starting point in an Ancestry source by being able to 
locate voyages, not individuals.  As a starting point, just being able 
to query any of your sources for a list of arrivals, by port, by vessel, 
within a date-range constraint, would be very useful.  [Forcing "Step 
One Ellis Island Search" to perform a query that runs a minute or more 
and wants to return xxx,xxx records is not *nice* either for the user or 
the strain that puts on their servers and network bandwidth.]

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