Re: [TSL] Campania: Liverpool to US 1903-04
Susan Swiggum <> on 01/06/2013

Hi Susi,

I am going to take a stab at this by making some comments which I hope 

1.  He arrived in the US prior to Sept 1906, which means he didn't have 
to *prove* his arrival in order to Naturalized.

2. His arrival date doesn't look specific ... it was probably 'around or 
about' 1 June 1904.   The actual year is often the most misremembered 
part of the date.  Your ball park of 1903-1904 is probably okay and 
'around June 1' is more likely for sailing date or arrival date because 
people generally remembered approx time of the year.

3.  Departure of Liverpool is probably correct as many were 
transmigrants via Liverpool.

4. No arrival port named could even mean Canada, as that would make 
sense if he was destined to Illinois.   Have you checked the Canada 
passenger lists and / or the CAN-US border records?

5.  CAMPANIA June arrivals at New York ....

June 14 1902
June 19-21 1903
June 11 1904
June 25 1905

.... as you state, the name of the ship can even be wrong.   The name he 
gave is specific, so maybe another family member had arrived on the ship 
(not necessarily in the same time frame) and if it was some time until 
he naturalized, he misremembered it as his ship .... or, he simply 
couldn't remember the name of his ship, so just said Campania because he 
knew he didn't have to prove it.

6. I looked at the 1910 census and it says 1903 for him and 1904 for 
Sarah with Fanny born in Chicago, but in the 1920 census it says 1904 
for him and 1903 for Sarah ... and, 1904 for Fanny, saying she was born 
in Russia ... curious!   I wonder who answered the census taker questions ?


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On 1/6/2013 1:14 PM, Susi Godfrey wrote:
> Dear List,
> I has been several years since I used this list but I am back!
> I am trying to track down the passenger list for Isaac Schwartz, who states
> on his Declaration of Intention that he came from Liverpool to the US (no
> port named) and arrived about 1 Jun 1904.  Further information:  tailor;
> scar on chin; born 4 Nov 1883 in Uman, Russia; currently residing in
> Chicago, IL; declaration filed in Superior Court of Cook County, IL
> I have been unable to find him via Ancestry or Steve Morse's sites.
> On Federal census forms, he alternately says he arrived in 1904 and 1903.
>   He consistently says he is from Russia and all other family members come
> from Uman, too.  On one census, he gives first name as Itzig.
> In the past, I have found that people have made mistakes on the Declaration
> forms, including the name of the ship.  Can someone tell me of the Campania
> arrived at a US port on or about June 1 1903 or 1904?
> Thanks,
> Susi

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