Arrival of SWADLEY in 1730s or 1740s
Mariam <> on 11/15/1997

Looking for arrival of Mark SWADLEY. This is a long shot and I will
not complain if it is inappropriate for this List.

He may have been in Augusta Co, VA (now Pendleton Co., WV) as early
as 1749 but definitely there in 1756.

His wife's father came from Hornbach (Saarland) on the PHOENIX in
1743, a neighbor arrived on the DAVY in 1738, both were in PA before
going to Augusta Co.

I have considered him to be German since he lived near and married
into German families. However, it has been suggested this is not a
German name, but maybe Swiss - Schwadli or Schwadle.

I have looked in a lot of books for this name or similar name
without any success.

Any suggestions for further searching on his arrival will be


Grandma Mariam

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