1832 Ship to Canada from Ireland??
"Brad Boyes" <> on 11/03/1997

I would like some help or advice on how to find the ship and passenger list
that my GGGGrandparents arrived to Canada from Galway Ireland in 1832. ( We
are not sure were they departed from or arrived at) After serving for Her
Majesty's 46th Regiment of Foot in both Australia and India, John was
wounded and became a Chelsea Out-Pensioner. On March 1st, 1831, John
received an offer to commute his pension in exchange for free passage and a
grant of 100 acres of land in Upper Canada.On April 10, 1832, John agreed
and his pension was commuted. John took the oath of Allegiance in Upper
Canada on June 21, 1832. The ship must have sailed between April 10 and
June 21, 1832. We know that John and Mary Walters were on board with at
least two of their children, 8 year old William Henry Walters, 4 year old
Thomas Fitzgerald Walters and at least one more child. ( We think probably
two, a daughter and a son)
If anyone has any advice on how I would be able to find the ship and
hopefully the passenger list, please email me at


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