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Date: Tuesday, November 04, 1997 2:55 AM
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Hi Folks!

Just thought it was time to bring you up to date on changes and
additions to "The Island Register", P.E.I.'s Premiere Genealogy

Oct 04, 1997 - Memories of Turn of the Century P.E.I. - on our Bits
'n Pieces Page

Oct 05/06, 1997 - Several new Passenger Lists added to our Ships

Oct 05, 1997 - Collections for building the Seven Mile Bay St.
Peters Church - 1851

Oct 18, 1887- Upcoming Newsletter Previews added and updated on the
page, as well as the indexes from the past year's newsletters,
complete listings of all PEI cemeteries available in transcriptions,
Prices and information for Census transcriptions and indexes, and
information on all publications available from the society.

Nov 01, 1887 - Report: Outlines on the History of Methodism in
Charlottetown, P.E.I. written by John Thomas Mellish and covering
the years from 1820 to 1887, including listings of Ministers,
Exhorters, Committee members, members of the Methodist society, and a
very interesting chart including emigration dates, death dates, and
where they emigrated from of deceased official members of the
Charlottetown Society. This listing reads like a veritable who's who
of P.E.I. protestant society and includes some very valuable
information. Some names included are Knight, Wright, Boyle, Mutch,
Farquharson, Chappell, Robinson, Dawson, Murphy, Cross, Tanton,
Moore, Bridges, Beer, Desbrisay, Pleadwell, Bremner,McMillan,
Haszard, Down, and hundreds more, too numerous to mention!

As always, a number of new P.E.I. Lineages have been added to the
page during this period!

Of course, we still have our online 1752 Acadian, 1768, 1798, and
1848 censuses, Lovell's 1871 and McAlpine's 1880/1881 Directories,
P.E.I. Placenames Past and Present (Listing Acadian and Micmac
placenames referenced to their present name), over 130 P.E.I.
lineages (More added each week), P.E.I. Links, PeGenWeb, our
Guestbook and Queries Page, and much, much more.

If you cannot find any information on your ancestors, be sure to
place a query on our Queries Page, we have had a very high
percentage of sucesses with it, and it alone has become the
Register's most popular feature, along with our P.E.I. Lineages Page!

We are growing every day and are here for one reason only, to help
Islander's from away to find their roots!If you've never visited the
site before, or, if it has been a while, drop by and have a look, I
am sure that you will feel it was worthwhile! Use our on site search
engine to check out that name of interest!This is a non - commercial
site, and if you have any information that might be of use to its
users, please contact me, and we would be very pleased to put it
online, crediting you.

The Register's best assets, as always are its users!

The Island Register
Researching the following ancestors:
Beaty, Blewett, Boudreau, Bowman, Braddock, Brown, Coombs,
Crawford, Crowell, Downie, Elliott, English, Farquharson,
Gordon, Hunter, Hyde, Jackman, Jamieson, Jeffery, Jones,
Landry, Malts, Man, McKearney, Monaghan, Montgomery, Moys,
Mutch, Norton, Sanderson, Shuttleworth, Simpson/Simpsone,
Smallwood, Stewart, Terry, Thompson, Thorp, Veale, Walker,
Winchester, M(a)cNeill, Campbell, Montgomery,
and more. Database of 33,500 from Can. and U.S.A.

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