[TSL] P&O Haddington in 1847
Jonathan Nixey <> on 04/17/2018

Hi listers,

I’m currently researching the life of John Baskerville Mortimer 1819-1847, and, in particular, the life of his daughter Rosina Kate Mortimer.

I have found newspaper articles stating that John died on board the Haddington on 11th July 1847 aged 28. I have also found his date of death in another newspaper being given as 12th July. I know he was buried at Point de Gal, and I also know that the Haddington was docked there for at least 5 days.
Sadly his youngest daughter also died on board the Haddington after it had departed Point de Galle for England.

I was wondering if anyone can help with some more specific dates for this sailing please? I know John was based in Madras, so I’d love to know when the Haddington departed there, and if possible when it  arrived at and departed from Point de Galle, and what its arrival date was in England.

I’ve tried searching the British Newspaper Archives to try and find the info, but so far have had little success.

With deepest thanks for any help given, kindest regards to all,



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