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Susan Swiggum <> on 07/07/2014

Hi Susan,

Good to see you.   I queried my database for Galic* for 1894 ... zero, 
1895 ... zero, then 1896, this one

Reel Number    Ship Name    Departure Information    Arrival 
Information    Shipping Line    Special Group(s)    Remarks
C-4541    CHRISTIANIA    Hamburg, Germany 1896-04-11 / Antwerp, Belgium 
1896-04-14    Quebec, Que. 1896-04-30 / Montreal, Que.    "(HAMB) 
Hamburg-America (formerly) (HAN-DR) Dampfschiffs-Rhederei Hansa (not) 
Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft ""Hansa"""    (O): Party of 
Galicians to Winnipeg (Prof. Oleskous party [Dr. Joseph Oleskiv])    
List Number: 5; Captain P. v Frankenberg; ex BAUMWALL

In 1897 there were three  ...

Reel Number    Ship Name    Departure Information    Arrival 
Information    Shipping Line    Special Group(s)    Remarks
C-4517    LABRADOR    Liverpool, England 1897-02-11 / Londonderry, 
Ireland 1897-02-12    Halifax, N.S. 1897-02-21 / Portland, ME    (DOM) 
Dominion Line (British and North Atlantic steam Navigation Co. Ltd., 
Liverpool, U.K.    (O): Large group of Galician passengers to Winnipeg & 
(M): Admiralty passengers destined to Bermuda    List Number: 29; 
Captain Thomas W. Erskine; death at sea: Margarete Bruskal (Buchal) 10 
months on February 19th 1897 (parents Jan 32 & Katarina 28, sibling Marya 2)

C-4517    SCOTSMAN    Liverpool, England 1897-03-11 / Londonderry 
(Moville), Ireland 1897-03-12    Halifax, N.S. 1897-03-21    (DOM) 
Dominion Line    (O): Galician passengers to Winnipeg    List Number: 
43; Captain E. Maddox

C-4517    LAKE ONTARIO    Liverpool, England 1897-03-[n.d.]    St. John, 
N.B. 1897-04-08    (BEA) Beaver Line Associated Steamers Limited (D&C 
MacIver, Managers)    (O): Galician passengers to Winnipeg    Captain 
Howard Campbell

I looked in 1898 and 1899 too and there were none.   I can't say whether 
I have missed any special groups as I always scrutinized closely.

I really hope this helps, you'll have to let us know as this is such a 
compelling story.


On 7/7/2014 9:15 AM, Susan Evans Shaw wrote:
> Hi Sue and Marj,
> I am trying to find the arrival in Canada of a 10-year-old girl, Hekla 
> or Tena Mandritski, from Galicia. According to the family story she 
> was brought to Winnipeg by an uncle who used her as slave labour on 
> his farm/market garden. She suffered severe frostbite one winter, so 
> severe her legs were amputated and she got about for the rest of her 
> life on artificial limbs. The uncle threw her out and my great 
> grandparents, Tom and Mary Jane Peacock, took her in, eventually made 
> her their adopted daughter (although she was never formally adopted, 
> but that's another story). I can find her on the 1906 Census for 
> Manitoba, living with my great grandparents and her entry is 
> transcribed as Lilly Micinsky, age 20, servant, year of arrival 1898 
> ---although the year on the original looks to me to be 1895--- her 
> nationality Russian. The 1906 enumerator made errors on several 
> entries for the family so I'm not confident of his accuracy. In 1911 
> her entry is transcribed as Helka Mandrisky, adopted daughter, age 26, 
> immigration year 1894, birthplace Galicia. In 1916 she became Tena 
> Peacock, adopted daughter, English-born, all presumably due to wartime 
> prejudices. In 1921, her name is transcribed as Theresa Mancak, 
> daughter, her birthplace Austria and year of arrival 1903 (which I'm 
> betting is the year the Peacocks took her in).
> I've been browsing the 1901 census of Winnipeg, Ward 5, for any sign 
> of her. I'm assuming she must have lived nearby my great grandparents 
> for them to become aware of her plight, but it's just a guess. I also 
> got Vladimir Kaye's book out of the library to see if I could find any 
> clues to her arrival. I'm betting the uncle was on the maternal side 
> so they didn't have the same surname.
> I am prepared to scroll through passenger lists of ships arriving in 
> Canada between 1894 and 1898 but I am hoping you can help me narrow 
> the number of ships. Possibly Tena and her uncle were among the 
> immigrants brought over by Josef Oleskow's program. Do you have the 
> names of ships involved or any other suggestions? I have more 
> information  about Tena---the story of the loss of her legs is 
> corroborated in a Winnipeg Tribune article of 1935 and I interviewed a 
> cousin of my mother's who remembered Tena well. I'd just like to learn 
> a bit more about her life pre-Canada.
> Susan
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