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Susan Swiggum via <> on 09/27/2014

Hi Frances,

You know so much about your family already, it would be a shame not to 
be able to fill in the blanks.

The babies SHOULD show up here, but I can find no trace.   I used to be 
able to search this database by year &c., but now it is only by name ... 
also, I used to be able to see the images !!
Immigrants at Grosse Île Quarantine Station, 1832-1937

Scotland would be Écosse.   I hoped that Jean (Jane) McTaggart 
(Campbell) would show up as having given birth ... no luck, even using 
wildcard  *

How did you find the deaths of Duncan and Janet?   I could find no 
McTaggart for 1848 here (Ancestry)

All Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967

I tried the 1851 census with no luck until I tried just Grace.   I do 
believe this might be her

1851 census

Name:     G Mcintaggart
Gender:     Female
Age:     12
Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1840
Birthplace:     Scotland
Province:     Canada West (Ontario)
District:     Middlesex County
District Number:     23
Sub-District:     Lobo
Sub-District Number:     218
Household Members:
Name     Age
G Mcintaggart     12

1861 census

Name:     Grace Mc Taggart
Gender:     Female
Age:     20
Birth Year:     1841
Birthplace:     Scotland
Marital Status:     Single
Home in 1861:     Middlesex, Canada West
Religion:     Free Church
Film Number:     C-1051
Page Number:     39
Household Members:
Name     Age
Grace Mc Taggart     20

In the 1851 census she is living with one of the many GRAHAM families 
... possibly as a nurse maid?  In the 1861 census I find Grace and 
Margaret and Jane (Jean) listed twice, once with brother Alex 24, Mum 
Jane, 50 and sister Nancy (Ann) 26 and on another page (page 5), just 
the three of them !
Have you found the family in 1851?

Marj Kohli has emigration reports for 1848

I am wondering about the vessel   Jessie Stephens  arriving in late June 
with 'Scots,'  so, I went looking in the Quebec Mercury and found the 
arrival at Quebec on the 2nd of July 1848

Bark Jessie Stephens, [Capt] Millar, [sailed] 20th May [from] Glasgow, 
[consigned to] Provan & Anderson. general cargo, 104 passengers

Hope this helps

TheShipsList Website

ps.   I may have found Ann / Nancy in 1851 listed in the same district 
no. and sub-district no. as the Grace I found, listed as a 21 year old 
"male" Schoolteacher ...........

Name:     N McYaggart
Gender:     Male
Age:     21

On 9/26/2014 10:25 PM, Frances Farmer via wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am searching for information about the journey of my great-great grandfather and his family from Scotland to Montreal in 1848. I do not know the exact date of their departure, the port from which they sailed, or the name of the ship.
> According to the 1841 Scotland Census, their residence had been Bainlongart (now known as Barnlongart), South Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland. The parents and the six children had all been born in Argyll, Scotland.
> Husband:       Duncan McTaggart, born 25 Dec 1802; age at emigration - 45
> Wife:             Jean (Campbell) McTaggart, born 25 Dec 1809; age at emigration - 38
> Children:
> Ann, born 8 Apr 1834; age at emigration - 14
> Alexander, born 1 May 1836; age at emigration - 12
> Janet, born 1838; age at emigration- 10
> Grace, born 2 Apr 1840; age at emigration - 8
> Margaret, born 1842; age at emigration- 6
> Jean, born 5 Jun 1845; age at emigration - 3
> There must have been illness on the ship. Duncan McTaggart, my great-great grandfather, died in Montreal, 8 Aug 1848. His daughter Janet, aged 10, died in Montreal 19 Aug 1848. His wife, Jean, had been pregnant during the voyage. She gave birth to twin sons in July (date unknown). According to family information, the babies were born on the ship and died three days later. They were “buried on an island in the St. Lawrence.” Given these details, I assume the voyage must have been during June/July 1848.
> I would be grateful to learn the ship’s name, the date and port of departure, and any information about the probable type of illness on board and how one might search for the burial places – both those in Montreal and the one “on an island in the St. Lawrence.”
> The family eventually settled in Strathroy, ON, where the formidable mother, Jean, lived to the age of 90!
> Frances Farmer
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