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Susan Swiggum <> on 03/20/2013

On 3/19/2013 6:07 PM, Patricia wrote:
> After going page by page of Quebec newspapers I found the ship Sylvanus landed in Quebec City in October 5, 1851.
> It left Limerick on the 13th - I assume of September. There were 120 passengers.
> Does anyone know how I can find anything else about this ship or this particular voyage?
> Thank you,
> Patricia
Hello Patrica,

Great job !! and congrats at persevering.  It is so unusual for such a 
large number of settlers to arrive so late in the season, but I checked 
from the beginning of October and there were several vessels with 
upwards of 100 passengers.   Most settlers arrived early in the Quebec 
navigation season (May to November) so they would be able to settle, 
find / build a home and find a job or maybe  plant a crop.

I don't know which newspaper you searched, but in "The Morning chronicle 
and commercial and shipping gazette," on October 7th 1851, I found the 
arrival.   The arrival entries can tell you quite a bit.
... btw. the do. after the date is short of ditto, so the entry above 
the SYLVANUS was for the ship Agamemmon which sailed from Hull on 29th 
August, so also arriving at Quebec on October 5th was

brig Sylvanus, McKenney (master), 15th do. (from) Limerick, (to) order, 
(in) ballast, 129 pas(sengers), the vessel sailed from Limerick on the 15th August.   51 days in 
passage was fairly normal for this late in the season.   The range of 
passage time for a sailing vessel, was from 25 to 80+ days, depending 
upon prevailing winds  but the norm from UK ports to Quebec was usually 
around 42 days.

The Quebec Mercury of 7th October states ...

brig Sylvanus, McKenney, 15th August, Limerick,  order, ballast, 120 pas.

... so it agrees with the other newspaper except in the number of 
passengers (a common transcription error)

The Sylvanus was a brig, and you can find a description of a typical 
brig here ...

I can't find more about this vessel.  An earlier (in 1831)  brig 
Sylvanus was 263 tons ... twenty years later is is probably not likely 
to be the same vessel, but brigs were not usually very large .... bark 
(barque) rigged and ship rigged vessels were quite a lot bigger .. you 
can check the difference at the link above.


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