[TSL] ADMIN about spam links sent to lists
Susan Swiggum <> on 01/25/2013

Hi listers,

Occasionally we see emails to the list with no subject and simply a link 
in the body.   Never open those links on any email list you belong to as 
they are spam inadvertently sent by a list members computer.   Usually 
the listmaster at Rootsweb will universally unsubscribe the member from 
all the lists they belong to and send them a message telling them why 
they were unsubscribed, with a copy to the various list owners.   If 
that doesn't automatically occur, I unsubscribe them myself and send 
them the quoted message pasted below.

> It is likely that your computer or your email account was hijacked by 
> a Trojan that is using your email account to send such spam.  Please 
> make sure that you locate a competent malware removal program that 
> will detect and clean your computer of such a problem or contact your 
> email provider to correct the problem.
> To prevent your email address from sending additional spam to the 
> subscribers of TheShipsList, your address has been unsubscribed.
> After you are sure your computer has been cleaned of Trojans and/or 
> your email account is secure, you are welcome to subscribe again.  
> Please consider using another email address to subscribe.
  I hope this is helpful


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